Augr helps you record your family stories in your own way and in your own voice

Augr has officially launched on Indiegogo!

Augr is something completely new. It is a world first.

An AI device that talks, listens, and interviews as you make a broadcast quality recording of your life story.


Augr is now available to buy! 


Full details and a special, special price available now. Just one click away.

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“As easy as having
a conversation
with a friend.”

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Introducing Augr

Augr helps you bring the past alive.


A beautifully designed audio biography device, running state-of-the-art AI recording technology. 


It talks, listens, interviews and records as you make a broadcast quality recording of your life story.

Augr is 100% voice controlled. No fuss. No complicated apps or downloads.

Just Augr. Helping you to tell your story… to share your memories… to be remembered.

How does it work?

If you can hold a conversation, you can use Augr. Programmed to respond to your voice. Augr is designed for you to pick up and use, straight out of the box.


  • You turn it on and talk to it. It talks back and interviews you. Easy and natural. Just like having a chat with a friend.

  • 100% voice controlled. No software downloads. No complicated apps. No touch screens. Just you, your voice and the stories you want to tell.

  • Later… when the conversations are over… you have a wonderful, broadcast quality recording of your life story.

A permanent record of the life you lived. Told by you, in your own way… in your own voice. Ready to share with your family and friends

World beating technology

The Augr device works using leading edge AI software, developed by our world beating team of software and hardware engineers.

It is a team that brings together cutting edge American technology and innovative British product design.

Based in New York City and in London, England, our people have worked tirelessly.

It has taken us close to two years to develop the exciting AI concept that sits at the heart of Augr.

It is a technology that’s designed to bring people of all ages together and help make the world a happier place. 

“Something your family can treasure forever.”

“Share wonderful
stories, told in your own way and in your own voice.”

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Win a prize worth over $1000

Have you got a story to tell like Fern's? Let us know if you have. We would love to hear it and feature it on our Facebook page. Just click here to contact us by email. We will reply and let you know the details. The first twenty to feature will win a free Augr device and lifetime subscription package worth over $1000. 

Your memories captured. Your story told.